Khet se bazaar tak.

What makes us special

About us

We, Fanidhar Agrotech Private Limited under group company of FANIDHAR are into Trading of Agricultural Commodity. We have been excelling in this business since the last 12 Years and command a strong market reputation. Fanidhar Group is in a variety of businesses. Major sectors include: Construction, Agriculture Commodity, Research, Iron & Steel and many other companies registered under the group.

From decades, India has predominantly been an Agrarian Economy. Since the Liberalization of economy in 1991, the focus has shifted to the services sector. However, till date Agriculture contributes the most to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of India.  The Agricultural commodities fall into the category of soft commodities, which include a variety of agricultural products, such as sugar, cocoa, wheat and coffee.

The company holds a Common Agro Procurement License for Agricultural Commodity procurement across Gujarat.This allows us to acquire directly from the Farmers, APMC’s and various commodity trading platforms and supply to production plants for further processing.We also hold agreements with major buyers for processing of Castor Seeds such as Adani Wilmar Limited, N.K.Protiens, Gokul Oil and many more across the Gujarat.we additionally deal into different Agricultural palatable commodity, their obtainment, stockpiling and supply at regular intervals nation-over consistently.In the current year,we have tied-up and made agreements with different new and forthcoming providers. As a Group, Fanidhar has achiever great heights and are working with high standards.


To create a sustainable community by collaboration, promotion, expansion and inspiration and lead the world to a better tomorrow.


To be forerunners of innovation and development in our every endeavor.

What We Offer

Wheat Grain

One of the major Grains that we deal in is Wheat. We have built up an enormous system of purchasers and suppliers to give the best value to our customers.

Castor Beans

Castor Beans are the main source of producing Castor Oils. India is the leader in global castor seed production and dominates international trade in castor oil

Cluster Beans

Cluster Beans or popularly known as Guar. It is a crop cultivated in arid and semi-arid regions. We buy locally and see it at a fair price.



Farmer- Direct order and purchase from the farmers, with a promise to be delivered the best-in class grains and products. And with a promise to provide them the fair prices and a trusting relationship.


Market- From farmers straight to you, our valuable customers. A promise to deliver fresh and nutrients rich products only at the fair price.

Kisan Unnati

Kisan Unnati is a Farmer Development Program, and a contract between the company and farmers. It is a mutual agreement for trust building and consistent productivity which entails growth for both, the farmers and Fanidhar Agrotech. This contract would ensure consistent and better quality of produce, secure he prices from market fluctuations, and to achieve constant supply. In exchange of a promise of dedication from farmers, the company would provide for Organic Fertilizers, Crop Insurance, Solar Panels, Tractors and Vehicle Insurance.  The farmers would be provided with a Fanidhar Card upon registration.

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